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  • MacKeeper Premium - 1 Mac - 1 Year MacKeeper Premium - 1 Mac - 1 Year

MacKeeper Premium - 1 Mac / 1 Year

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How to download: MacKeeper Premium - 1 Mac - 1 Year

This product is only valid for Mac, please choose the right version.

MacKeeper is a multipurpose app for Macs that will protect your computer from online security threats, improve its performance, and help you reclaim disk space. 

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Scan and fix any Mac issues in one click:
The easy to use dashboard helps you manage suggested improvements.

Safeguard personal data around the clock with new real-time protection:
Instantly detect and delete malware, adware, or a virus from your Mac before any harm is done.

Avoid future Mac issues:
Unique smart scan technology automatically keeps your Mac safe and clean, 24/7.

Browse anonymously, with improved VPN:
There are 296 new locations across 50 countries to choose from.

Check and monitor your data for breaches:
With instant alerts, the ID Theft Guard feature finds and secures any compromised email addresses.

Get no-nonsense expert help:
Chat with real people who will answer any of your tech questions in plain English, 24/7.

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