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  • PasteNow Pro - 5 Mac PasteNow Pro - 5 Mac

PasteNow Pro - 5 Mac

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How to download :
Please go to this link: PasteNow Pro - 5 Mac

PasteNow Pro - 5 Mac is only valid for Mac, please choose right version.

PasteNow is a comprehensive yet easy-to-use application that enables you to become more productive in performing routine tasks. This superb program assists you to store every type of temporary data such as text, image, link, and even code. It is a very lightweight application with self-explaining tools and options to enhance the workflow. 

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Brand new search engine
The search was rebuilt from the ground for faster and more accurate indexing. Find anything you copied with smart queries, like “Mail link presentation” to find a link to a presentation that you copied from

Native support for Direct Paste and Paste Stack
No need to download Paste Helper for pasting directly to other applications anymore, Paste 3 has a built-in system integration that makes pasting to other apps much faster and more reliable. Paste Stack also works out-of-the-box and available even if the Direct Paste is turned off.

Polished UI and new icons
Paste is designed to look and feel like a part of your Mac and with the new macOS Big Sur it fits into the environment even better!

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