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  • One Switch - Mac/ 2 Devices One Switch - Mac/ 2 Devices

One Switch - Mac/ 2 Devices

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One Switch is a tiny app designed to improve your efficiency by providing quick access to a few important switches. It can be opened from your menu bar, and it allows you to toggle certain system features with just a couple of clicks.

One Switch isn’t a new app, but it does look like one of the handiest Mac apps for anyone who follows our Cult of Mac how-tos. The app puts a drop-down list in your Mac’s menu bar, offering instant access to all kinds of great hacks and tweaks, from toggling Dark Mode to connecting AirPods.

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  1. Hide Desktop Icons
  2. Dark Mode
  3. Keep Awake
  4. Screen Saver
  5. AirPods Connect
  6. Do Not Disturb
  7. Night Shift
  8. Screen Clean

One Switch is dead simple. It sits in the Mac menu bar, and offers a list of switches for you to toggle various features on and off. Many of these macOS features can be controlled by other apps, or from the Mac’s own preferences and menu bar items. But if you like things neat (and pretty), having them all in one list is a real boon.

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