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  • iRingg - iPhone for PC iRingg - iPhone for PC

iRingg - iPhone for PC

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Before, iTunes was the most commonly used easy way to get new ringtones, but some situations may frustrate you. iRingg – a revolutionary solution to let you not only drag and drop ringtones into iPhone, but also have fun with creating unique ones. If you ever need to get a custom ringtone into your iPhone, then iRingg should be an good chioce. It's an iPhone ringtone studio, iTunes alternative, and everything in between.

iRingg is a simple application that allows you to create original ringtones for your iPhone. With a straightforward approach, the program can be managed with ease by any user, regardless the experience one may have with this type of tools. The interface of the app is pretty intuitive and the first thing you need to do is pick the source of your new ringtone. You can search online for files or browse your local drives and choose a song that’s on your computer.

  1. How it works: create the ringtone; then simply connect the app to your iPhone using Wi-Fi or USB cable and hit export
  2. Add a personal touch to a ringtone using cool sound effects & completely change its mood and feel
  3. 1,000,000 ringtone selection – make a ringtone out of anything on the Internet
  4. Direct to iPhone transfer (first in the World): in one-click, you can wirelessly transfer your new ringtone into iPhone's default ringtones section

iRingg is a good ringtone creator. It offers a convenient and fast solution to create unique ringtones out of your favorite songs and personalize them with your own voice and funny sounds.

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